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0 sugar. 0 crash. 100% clean antioxidant energy.

What’s the "Krabby Patty" secret formula behind the First
Better-for-you Boba Tea? There’s none.

Fruit Tea

Milk Tea


Boost your tea with electrolytes for a clean energy pump & rapid hydration.


We replaced your typical fructose-filled boba tea with natural 0 calorie sweetener derived from sugarcane bamboo and erythritol. NO artificial sweeteners.


Have you ever heard of low carb boba (<3g net carbs)? Probably not so here’s the breakdown: our ready-to-drink boba is a combination of fresh brewed tea and squishy, jelly-like balls that you can chew while drinking your tea.


Our plant milk teas are for everyone. We hand-craft each tea latte with your choice of fresh oat milk or almond-coconut cream. #PlantForward #SustainabilityisSexy


Fuel your aura with natural antioxidants and caffeine from real brewed loose leaf tea


Boost your boba tea with our turmeric and ginger add-ons to give your body the Aura cleanse that it deserves.

Aura Tea is brimming with antioxidants, the disease-fighting compounds that help your body fight against illness. Try our better-for-you boba!