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Our Aura

From a dorm room dream to reality....

I dropped my job offer to open my first boba shop.

When I first stepped foot on to UC Berkeley, I had one goal in mind. It was to graduate and secure a full-time job. Being born from immigrant parents, I saw how hard they worked and the sacrifices they made for me.

Taking on the risk of pursuing my passion wasn't easy but it became an obvious YES. After finishing 6 seasons of Silicon Valley, meeting some of the most incredible professors, and working at my first startup, I was ready to solve a problem and dedicate my life towards it.


I chose my love for boba as it was something that impacted my health. I struggled with my weight from drinking it all the time and had to do something about it. After seeing the opportunity to find a sustainable way of drinking boba at least 4X/week, I became obsessed with executing on it.

What started as a dorm room dream has turned into something much bigger than just a cup of boba. After pitching to secure funding, product testing tea during my Zoom lectures (sorry professors!), and hosting events in the community, I'm proud to announce my first storefront opening in San Francisco's tech district right across from Google and Databricks! I've been blessed with the opportunity to partner with some of the nations most inspiring and talented individuals from NFL athletes to TikTok Stars.

Today, I'm grateful for every peer, professor, friend, co-worker, team member, mentor, and my family who believed in and inspired me to follow my dreams. Thank you for showing me the power of team work, resilience, and even failure. Thank you because Aura Tea wouldn't exist without you.



CEO & co-founder

Aura Tea is brimming with antioxidants, the disease-fighting compounds that help your body fight against illness. Try our better-for-you boba!

121 Spear St Suite B05, San Francisco, CA 94105